Vacant Staging

Home staging rethinks and reworks spaces.

Buyers don’t get excited in an empty or lackluster home. They need to picture themselves living in the space. We are experts at creating atmospheres where clients linger.

It’s not just about staging, it’s about the way you make people feel. Today's buyers are savvy. Your property should wow them.
 Owner Occupied Staging
We understand that preparing an occupied home for sale is a collaborative process.

We consider the existing furnishings and bring in what is neccessary to showcase the space.
Vacant Staging
 Client Consultations

In addition to staging services, Enhanced Staging also offers one-hour homeowner consultations.

Sometimes a home doesn’t need much more than a little tweaking to make it shine. Realtors hire us first. These houses go on the market looking their best from Day One.
 Decorating &
Color Consultations
Staging isn’t just for realtors. With the help of a professional, you can finally create your dream home.

Properly arranging color, furniture and accessories is the magic. Environments change the way we think and feel. Your home should bring you joy.